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We provide business consultancy services in a variety of different industries. Based on our own deep professional experience and our excellent network across China and Britain.

Customer and market orientation is the essence of what we do. Our focus is on helping you quickly and profitably transact in what can often be a new and previously unexplored market. Our service is always wholly tailor-made to your needs.

The key to successfully penetrating your chosen markets is what we can deliver through our developed networks in China and Britain; not only can we help speed up the process of identifying appropriate partners, but we can assist with concluding timely negotiations with your counterparties as well.


Education Services

  • Thoroughly understand the requirements from the educational institutions and educational groups in seeking UK partners’ cooperation
    • Set up a new independent school or acquire an existing one
    • Joint programmes (training or degrees)
    • Exchange programs
  • Provided consultation services for education investors
  • Thoroughly understand the individual requirements to study in the UK from prep school to university.
  • Provide consultation of education paths
  • Help with the selection of schools/courses fit for individuals
  • Facilitate the application and entry processes
  • Provided academic guardian services

Trading services

  • Identify the quality products with the market demand
  • Conduct the market research in the targeted market
  • Recommend marketing entry strategies
  • Help to implement strategies in trading (optional)
  • Form a partnership in trading (optional)

Consulting Services

  • Identify with you, your business objective in Sino-British markets
  • Conduct the market research and identify the most fruitful potential customers or business partners for you
  • Provide marketing strategies, together with complementary business and financial planning, if necessary, to help operate in identified territories.
  • Facilitate meetings and negotiations with Chinese and British counterparties
  • If required, we can also provide project management facilities to help establish the planned presence in Britain and China
  • Domestic start-ups: setting up businesses from scratch and business development strategies